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Ms. Carrie Peters


Office Hours:
M-F 8:00am-3:30pm

+234 809 520 1521

The Admissions Office

Thank you for visiting American Christian Academy’s website which we hope provides you with a flavor of life at ACA. Please do come visit us to discover ACA for yourself.

Our entry process is straightforward and we would be delighted to guide you through the steps needed for your child to make a successful application to join the school. The first step is to request our admission form which can be done by clicking here.

After filling the form, please submit it online or onsite and you will then be contacted by our Admissions Office.

We look forward to welcoming you in the very near future.

Why Choose ACA?

At ACA, curriculum is delivered through a biblical lens and in alignment with its Vision, Mission, Staff Credo, and Core Values. ACA aspires to build the foundation of the next generation by providing a challenging and comprehensive academic program. Students are equipped to succeed with confidence and to serve with compassion and the fear of the Lord.

ACA provides an interactive educational experience, from Pre and Elementary, through the Senior School programs. Learning in a friendly and intellectually stimulating serene environment, students are challenged and encouraged to develop independent and critical thinking skills.

ACA provides the optimal environment for every child to succeed academically. High School students may choose a program of study tailored to their specific needs. Offering both online and onsite courses, students choose from a variety of electives adequately preparing them for university through the Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Credit (DC), and A-Level programs.

Impressive examination results each year notwithstanding, academic achievement is a by-product of something much more important: freedom for every student at ACA to thrive through a holistic, challenging, and enjoyable learning experience.

ACA has a strong reputation for enduring commitment to the foundations of truth in Christ Jesus, coupled with qualified faculty in a family environment that makes it a special place to live and learn, even as it begins to usher in the second generation of children from its foundation graduates. God is faithful!

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How to Apply

After the admission form is filled and submitted along with the required documents as listed in the admission form, tests are scheduled and administered by the Registrar:

  • Parents and children seeking admission are asked to attend an interview with the school

  • Head of School and the Principal to go over the documents, test results, family history, future educational plans, and any other relevant details

The Registrar will contact parents upon your child’s admittance.

Upon enrollment, parents must complete the Medical Information form.

 Admission Requirements

Priority Enrollment

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See the following for ACA’s priorities when considering students for enrollment:

  • International citizenship

  • Children of families working in international companies with whom we have a long standing relationship

  • Children from international schools outside the country

  • Siblings of current students

  • Children of eligible staff

  • Parents with pending applications from the previous year

The student enrollment priorities apply to all new registrations, transfer requests, Preschool-Elementary and Elementary-Secondary School transitions.


School & Club Fees