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How to Apply

  1. Download and read through the School & Club Fees document.

  2. Download and read through the Admissions Requirement document.

  3. Fill out the application form below and pay application fee - N10,000 or $30

Application Form

Name *
Date of birth *
Date of birth
Sex *
Is child fluent in English? *
Intended start date *
Intended start date
Residential status *
Father's Information
Father's Name
Father's Name
Father's Phone Number *
Father's Phone Number
Mother's Information
Mother's Name *
Mother's Name
Mother's Phone Number *
Mother's Phone Number

By submitting the form above, parents

• Grant permission for the student to engage in supervised PE activities off campus such as swimming, tennis, track, field, basketball etc.

• Consent to their child attending part of ACA’s curriculum designated as Bible class, which is taken for one session of 40 (Junior - Senior) or 30 (Nursery - Kindergarten) minutes per week.

• Agree that the school reserves the right to place the student in the most appropriate class, according to age and academic performance.