Vol 39, Issue 2

Last Friday’s “Back to School Nite” was a blast for everyone!


We even got a sneak peak at the new dorm, Wellspring Suites!

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This week in Preschool


This week in Elementary

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This week in Senior School


Staff Appreciation Day!

Many thanks to ACA school management for recognizing the hard work of every member of staff.

Additionally, congrats go out to Dr. and Mrs. Nwulu

on their 35th wedding anniversary!

You are a blessing to so many staff, students, and parents! God bless you and your family!



Oct. 6: Wellspring Suites Family Visiting Day

Oct. 8: Student Body Government (SBG) Elections in JC Hall (2:50-3:30pm). Parents are welcome to attend.

Oct. 9: Due date for PSAT registration fees

Oct 11: All parents are invited to attend PTA elections from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm in JC Hall.

Oct 14-18: Fire Drill for day students and Wellsprings residents.

Oct 16: 9th grade students to take Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT).

Oct. 18: IGCSE & A-Level Parents/Students/Teachers Meeting

Oct. 26-Nov. 3: Mid-Quarter Break

Parents are encouraged to read the Parent-Student handbook distributed at “Back-to-School-Nite.” Both parents are to sign the undertaking attached at the bottom and return the slip to the homeroom teacher (Pre-Elementary School) and Receptionist/Admin Officer for Senior School.


October Birthdays!

1 Felobater, Fisayo

2 Jomiloju

4 Mon. Femi

6 Ms. Deb

7 Timisola, Riya G.

9 Jayden, Feranmi

10 Mrs. Paul

11 Utkarsh, Jason, Mr. Lucky

12 Mr.Idowu

17 Mrs. Karen

18 Modupe

20 Lavina, Mumilore

21 Daniel, Tomi, Kamel

23 Ms.Teju

25 Riddhima, Ms. Shola

26 Mia, Ade O, Ms. Peju

27 Michael I., Adewole

29 Mr. Charles

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