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The school hires personnel who are committed to the written philosophy, mission, vision, and core values of the school. Faculty and staff engage in ongoing professional development to improve instructional practices leading to continual growth in student learning and development of the instructional program. The executive leadership, instructional, and support staff are sufficient in number to provide for the effective delivery of quality education and are appropriately credentialed, degreed, trained, and qualified for their assigned duties.

ACA welcomes new staff with open arms into our family school as well as honor staff who are leaving ACA by celebrating their service with a grand farewell party. ACA staff is oriented with the vision and mission of the school.



American Christian Academy (ACA) seeks to employ teachers who have demonstrated successful experience teaching with a British and American curriculum in team teaching settings that include project-based learning and integrate instructional technology into the core curriculum. Applicants are expected to have a minimum of two to three years teaching experience prior to applying to teach at ACA. In addition, applicants must have accredited or international college/university degrees and teaching certification or be able to demonstrate acceptable equivalent degrees and certification; masters degrees are preferred. ACA may waive requirements in order to meet specific program needs.

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