“For the last year and a half, most of my assignments, syllabi and learning materials have been online.  My experience with the online classes offered at ACA helped me become acquainted with the web-based learning management software most universities use; so far, I’ve barely had any problems navigating the software.

In addition, although, some professors make an attempt to remind students about assignment deadlines, these reminders are usually only for major assignments. Thus, it would be easy to forget the little assignments and have one's grades suffer. Fortunately, ACA's online classes kept me on my toes and taught me the value of being able to keep track of deadlines without someone else reminding me.

Finally, most classes have a lot of students so there's much less student-teacher interactions than one would find at high school. A lot of professors do try to make time for students outside of class ("office hours") but these office hours are usually only for about two hours some days and are set based on the professors free time. There have been times where I have been unable to attend these office hours because I had other classes at the time and had to find a way to learn whatever it was that I didn't understand by myself. ACA's online classes helped me in this regard by teaching me how to learn and discover new information by myself.”