Students have an extensive range of clubs to choose from as extracurricular activities.

Along with a wide variety of clubs available at ACA, Extended Learning classes are available for Pre School and Elementary School most days after school while Senior School holds every Friday. These academic clubs are free.

If competent, students and parents are welcome to volunteer to teach a club of their interest.

List of All ACA Clubs

Sports - Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Gymnastics, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Track, Volleyball

Art - Arts and Craft, Christmas Craft, Crochet, Origami, Puppet Making, Stitches

Performance - Ballet, Ballroom Dancing, Cheer Leading, Choir, Dance, Drama, Performing Arts, Speech & Debate

Music - Clarinet, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Recorder, Violin

Academics - Ben Carson, Computer, Creative Writing, Handwriting, Homework*, Rem. Math, Rem. French

Specialty - Aerobics, Baking, Basket-making, Bead making, Bird Club, Board Games, Community Service, Daycare, Discipleship, Do It Yourselves - DIY, Drone Club, Fear factor, Gardening, Grooming and Etiquette, Hair-braiding, Hospitality, Impact, Indoor & Outdoor Games, International Cuisine, Jewelry, Pirate, Recycling, Science Experiment/Mad Science, Sign language, Servant Hub, Story Telling, Waiting*

Languages - Arabic, French, Hindi, Yoruba

Publications - The Pulse, The Blog, Yearbook

*Supervised Homework Club is provided for students who would like to do homework in a quiet place.  *Waiting Club is available for students who need to stay after school while waiting for a sibling.