Parent Communication

  1. Academic Calendar
    The Academic Calendar is issued to parents at the beginning of each semester.

  2. Welcome Letters
    At the onset of each semester, ACA sends welcome letters to families accompanied by handouts, as appropriate, highlighting necessary information.

  3. Orientation of New Students

    Before the beginning of the school year, ACA holds an orientation program for all new, incoming families. This opportunity allows parents and students to become familiar with the school, administration, and teachers.

  4. Back-to-School Nite

    Held annually before the fall semester, Back-to-School Nite is an opportunity for parents to meet teachers as well as become acquainted with policies, procedures, and information of ACA. Back-to school-Nite is traditionally held on Friday evening.

  5. Disclosure Statements/Curriculum Overviews

    Students and parents are provided with information about policies and procedures in the classroom as well as an overview of what will be learned throughout the academic year.

  6. Homework Diary (1st – 6th Grade )

    The Homework Diary, provided by ACA for all Elementary School students, serves as a communication tool for teachers and parents allowing a two-way conversation as well as a way for students to remain organized throughout the school year.

  7. Weekly Bulletin

    This document, which is emailed and available on the ACA’s website, informs parents of activities at ACA as well as provides pictures of special events occurring in the classrooms. Parents are encouraged to attend events including assemblies, counseling programs, school performances, Parent-Teacher Conferences, PTA and others.

  8. Engrade

    Engrade is an online classroom gradebook available for all students and parents of ACA as a technological means for them to be regularly updated in all classes. Engrade also serves as an email system between parent, student and the teacher.

  9. Parents-Teacher Conferences:

    Parent-Teacher Conferences are held each semester. Parents and students are notified of the dates in the Academic Calendar, Weekly Bulletin, by email, and SMS. All parents are encouraged to attend, as it is a great opportunity for communication with teachers.  

    In the event of academic or behavior issues occurring outside the dates of Parent-Teacher Conferences, teachers will contact the parent to set up a conference to discuss possible solutions. Likewise, parents are encouraged to contact through the Reception Office to make an appointment with the teacher for any questions or concerns. Parents are not expected to visit the classrooms or teachers during school hours, except by previous appointment. Although teaching assistants play a vital role in classroom management, they are not authorized to discuss information concerning the academic or behavioral performance of a child.  Parents should please liaise directly with the class teacher to ascertain a child’s progress.

  10. SMS

    Messages will be sent for special announcements, long/extreme detentions/suspensions and special events, thus the importance of parents updating the school with current contact information.

  11. Phone Calls

    Phone calls will be made for emergencies/sickness, to inquire about absences, and other needs as they arise.

  12. Suggestion Box

    Parents are encouraged to use the Suggestion Box placed in the Reception Office as a means of communication with Administration. All suggestions are welcome and will be entertained.

  13. Parents Teacher Association (PTA)

    Parents are welcome to join the PTA. A strong and healthy relationship between and among parents and the school ensures that the community as a whole remains united.

  14. Parent Reps

    The purpose of Parent Reps is to help foster good communication and quality relationships in the school as well as assist in the development of school community.  

  15. Large Chalk Board

    Each morning, pertinent school information is displayed on the large chalkboard between Gate 1 and Gate 2.

  16. Daily Greeters

    Daily greeters, in Pre School and the Main School Block are available each day to welcome both parents and students as well as provide important information on upcoming events.

  17. WhatsApp

    What’s App communication occurs between designated faculty members and parents. Groups are divided as follows:

    • Creche-Nursery

    • PKg-KG

    • 1st-3rd

    • 4th-6th

    • 7th-12th