Child Protection

The safety of students is top priority at ACA. Therefore, procedures have been established and are reviewed yearly to guarantee the best practice in this area. A fire drill and lockdown drill is conducted once each semester to ensure members of our community become familiar with the procedures and therefore respond appropriately and promptly in case of an emergency.


Drop-off and Pick-up

Drop-Off and Pick-Up schedules have been implemented for the safety of students, staff, and parents during peak traffic times. Click on the link below to access.




Electronic Devices




School Supplies


Food and Drinks


Health Issues


Field Trips







Our experience has shown that there is a significant correlation between attendance and students’ academic performance. As a result, we strongly encourage students and parents to make school attendance a high priority. Absences may be excused or unexcused.


Laptops, cameras, mp3 players, iPods, and gaming devices are not to be used on school premises. Pre and Elementary school students have the benefit of using school tablets for Reading and Math. ACA allows students in 7th - 12th grades to use tablets and eBooks to support the teaching and learning process.


Students are not permitted to bring phones to school. Telephones are available in the offices for students’ use in cases of emergency.



Two packs of pencils, four big erasers, two packs of wax crayons, scissors, one pack of markers, one box of board markers, long ruler, math set (3rd), glue stick, box of facial tissues


Pencils, ruler, glue stick, markers, sharpener, math set, colored pencils, pens, scientific calculator (senior school), eraser, scissors, file/organizer.


Set squares, French or flexible curves, T squares, templates for geometrical shapes, school-issued tablets for learning.


All students have the option to bring or purchase their food and drinks. Snacks are available at the Mini-Apple Store while hot lunches are available at the School Cafeteria, in the Admin Block. Students may pay for lunch daily, or benefit from discounted rates by paying weekly/monthly or quarterly/yearly. Students are required to bring water to school. The ACA water dispensers are meant to serve as supplemental drinking water in the event that a student’s water runs out before the end of the day. Please note that 1st – 3rd grade students are not allowed to buy or take fizzy drinks during school hours.


Parents are required to fill in the Emergency Card and Health Form, detailing their medical history, prior to enrollment. The information will be updated yearly during the Back-to-School Nite, or as needed. ACA assumes responsibility for basic First Aid and employs a qualified school nurse available on campus.


ACA believes that much learning takes place outside the four walls of the classroom. Field trips are an integral part of ACA’s co-curricular activities. Out of town and country excursions expose children to different cultures, broaden their scope of experience, as well as help them become more independent.


ACA has a long tradition of taking students on in-and-out-country excursions. Well-chaperoned groups of students have visited Washington D.C., attended camps in Iowa, participated in the U.S.A. Cup in Minnesota, as well as taken excursions to Rome, Paris, Cameroon, Benin, and several destinations within Nigeria including Obudu, Calabar, Ikogosi Warm Springs, Olumo Rock, the beach, and other such places of recreation.


Students are welcome to celebrate birthdays at school, provided the class teacher or Admin Office is informed at least 24 hours prior to the birthday party.


ACA is happy to welcome all visitors who have a connection to the school. Visitors are requested to sign in at the Reception Office.